Gran Alacant beach

Alicante is a worldwide known tourist attraction for Spain which attracts many visitors throughout all 365 days of the year. It is known for its beautiful castle Santa Bárbara which is open for people to explore, from the views to the old ruined dungeons beneath to its lively nightlife. However, when it comes to a holiday the opportunity to be able to enjoy what Alicante can bring but also relax and unwind next to sandy beaches or the pool. Santa Pola is the best place to look when looking for Alicante accommodation.

When looking for a property to rent in Santa Pola there are many different estate agents you are able to choose from. We believe that with the combination of our experience, knowledge and customer service skills we are the best real estate agents in Santa Pola to look for beach accommodation with. We offer a range of different properties, enabling them to accommodate both small and large parties and we work hard to find the best suited property to each individuals needs. We are also able to adapt our properties for any additional needs.

We have been providing holiday rentals in Santa Pola and Gran Alacant for over ten years and by doing this we maintain our properties using our own additional companies. Whether this be maintenance of the property itself by our professional construction workers or our high-quality cleanliness provided by our cleaning agency.

We hope you see us as a good choice when looking for Alicante accommodation  and look forward to working with you.

For long-term or short-term rentals in Santta Pola we offer a wide choice of studios, apartments, bungalows, houses in residential estates with common pool, splendid luxury villas with private pool and country houses.

From 30 EUR per night.

For renters and for owners, we are happy to offer a solution for all rental needs.